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The science behind the socks (and accessories)

Heat Holders® are scientifically tested to be the warmest thermal socks available. Whilst other brands imitate them, they simply cannot match the combination of quality, softness, style and warmth.
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Three Levels Of Warmth

Heat Holders® thermal socks come in three levels of warmth, so you can keep cosy and comfortable all year long.

Original Socks

  • Maximum thickness
  • 7 times warmer than a basic cotton sock
  • Ideal for boots or relaxing at home
  • 2.3 Tog Rating

Lite Socks

  • Medium thickness
  • 4 times warmer than a basic cotton sock
  • Great for casual fitting shoes
  • 1.6 Tog Rating

Ultra Lite Socks

  • Great all-year round option
  • 3 times warmer than a basic cotton sock
  • Perfect for tighter fitting or formal shoes
  • 1.0 Tog Rating

Did You Know?

TOG (Thermal Over Grade) is an independent laboratory tested standard, and the higher the TOG rating, the better the item is at keeping you warm.

Making Life Warmer

The Heat Holders®  range offers much more than just socks – and their innovative HEATWEAVER®  insulation lining has been applied to a number of other products such as thermal hats, gloves and neck warmers plus an innovative range of thermal underwear and base layers.

Frequently Asked Heat Holders Questions:

1. Can I buy Heat Holders thermal socks and accessories anywhere else in Australia?

No we’re proud to say we’re the only distributors in Australia!

2. Are Heat Holders® the warmest thermal socks in the world?

As far as we are aware and based on all the tests that have been carried out so far by the brand, Heat Holders® socks are indeed the warmest thermal socks in the world.

3. How do Heat Holders® thermal socks work?

Heat Holders thermal socks are made using a unique three-stage thermal construction:

1. Heat Holders thermal yarn: Advanced Japanese-designed thermal yarn provides high-performance insulation with superior softness and moisture-minimising breathability.

2. Heat Holders thermal loops: Innovative knitting technology produces the UK PATENTED long-loop cushion pile to hold more warm air close to the skin, boosting the socks' thermal overall grade (TOG) rating.

3. Heat Holders thermal brushing: Expert brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held within the fabric of the socks for unbeatable warmth and all-day comfort.

4. What are Heat Holders® thermal socks made from?

Heat Holders socks are made from a unique Japanese-designed thermal yarn, sometimes referred to as ‘cashmere-like acrylic’. This is selected for its high thermal properties and superlatively soft hand-feel. The thermal yarn is mixed with a little nylon, polyester and elastane to give you the perfect balance of warmth, softness and fit.

5. What is a TOG rating?

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is an independent laboratory-tested standard for insulation. The higher the TOG rating, the better the product is at keeping you warm. You’ll see TOG ratings applied to duvets and babywear, as well as thermal accessories like Heat Holders.

6. Is the Heat Holders® technology patented?

Yes, the unique knitting technology that enables us to make our Original Heat Holders thermal socks was granted a UK patent.

7. What is thermal brushing?

Heat Holders thermal brushing is a delicate process where the inner surfaces of the thermal socks are expertly and carefully brushed to maximise the amount of warm air that can be held in each sock. This produces unbeatable warmth and is also wonderfully soft and comfortable.

8. What is HEATWEAVER® thermal lining?

Heat Holders HEATWEAVER® insulation is a plush fur-like thermal lining that maximises the amount of warm air held close to your body. Heat Holders HEATWEAVER® lining is used in their range of thermal hats, gloves and neckwear as well as our blankets, dressing gowns and other apparel.

9. Are Heat Holders®  hats, gloves and neckwear made in the same way as their socks?

The Heat Holders brand began with the famous thermal socks. As soon as they appeared in shops, Heat Holders fans started asking for hats, gloves and other accessories that offered the same incredible warmth.

Rising to the challenge, Heat Holders carefully developed the HEATWEAVER®  thermal lining, which took inspiration from the thermal brushing used in our socks, and sourced the softest yarns to create hats and accessories we are proud to offer alongside their famous thermal socks.

10. How should I wash and dry my Heat Holders?

You can machine wash your Heat Holders at 40ºC or just hand wash. Make sure you wash dark colours separately, and line-dry if you can. We don’t advise you to tumble dry, dry clean or iron your Heat Holders.

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